One of the greatest compliments we receive is when someone called Connect “home”. From the parking lot through each element of the service, we carefully create environments that allow people to come as they are and safely explore a faith in Jesus.


While we believe the Bible is all equally inspired, we know it is not equally relevant. In our weekend services, we focus on subjects that are relevant to everyday life and that can be applied immediately to your Monday through Saturday experiences. The teaching is Biblically based and contemporary in style.
Our dress code is casual! We are more concerned with people's hearts than what they are wearing. Feel free to wear what you want, whether that's a suit or shorts, and enjoy Starbucks coffee and refreshments when you arrive.



We have a vibrant and creative service where our band will play a few songs and each week’s message lasts for about 35 minutes. We know that visiting a new church can often be intimidating so don't worry, we won't embarrass or single you out in any way.

We provide a safe, fun and age-appropriate program for children from nursery to grade 5. You can find out more at Connect Kids.


75-Minute Services

Our service format is structured in 75-minute intervals. We do this to honor your time while still putting God first each week.

We hope to see you in one of our services in Ashland or Framingham! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at